Juicy Fresh is the Hallmark of a Mason’s Apple

child inspecting apple in the orchardDedication to quality at a very competitive price, along with knowledge, experience and hard work are at the core of Mason’s ever-growing success in the apple industry.

A walk around Mason’s area of operations will show you that all of the over 100 full and part time employees understand Mason’s commitment to keep the quality that starts on the tree in its apple products throughout all phases of storage, packing and shipping.

In its 250,000 bushel storage facility, Mason’s uses an advanced system of combined oxygen and heat removal to make sure that their apples are stored as crisp and fresh as possible.

img_8921_Boy_Girl_Ladder_AppleWe are also in the forefront of storage technology using SmartFreshSM treatments for improving firmness and long-term storage of apples.

It is also important to note that  since it is our policy not to stock inventory, but only package apples when an order is confirmed, customers can be assured the delivery will be fresh.