Sept 13, 2014 – Mobile Juice Press Introduced to Mason Apples Operation

Mason Juice Press RoyThree MILE PLAINS  – Mason Apples has introduced a new mobile juice factory (press), into its operation.  The investment facilitates fresh-from-the-orchard, onsite production of apple cider for which the the Mason Apple business is highly regarded.



Nov. 12, 2013 – Valley apple business blossoming again

Roy Haley Bryon WellsTHREE MILE PLAINS — A revamped apple business has a new shine thanks to new features added in its first year.

J. W. Mason and Sons (2013) Ltd. offered a weekend U-pick retail outlet at its Windsor Back Road location. Farm manager Bryon Wells was pleased with the roughly $40,000 in revenue that resulted.

“We went into it quickly with a small amount of advertising and it did very, very well,” he said Monday morning. “We’ll continue with it next season and try to build it up with some heavier advertising.”

With 3,000 bins of apples harvested this year, there is no shortage of product. Wells is already looking ahead to next year and foresees an expansion in sales. “All of the varieties that we grow will be retailed,” he said.  “We have the quality. We have some of the best apples around.”
Source: View Full Story by Glen Parker, The Chronicle Herald

June 11, 2013 How a white knight rescued a Nova Scotia apple orchard

Mason_Article_1_web-ns-apples07nw1Roy Haley’s first job was picking apples for Wes Mason in Nova Scotia’s lush Annapolis Valley, close to where he grew up hunting and trapping in the surrounding fields. Now, 77 years old – after 30 years working for the local municipality and 20 years in retirement – Mr. Haley has come full circle.

In late April, he bought J.W. Mason and Sons Ltd., one of the largest independent apple producers in the province, which went bankrupt last year after its former comptroller stole nearly $300,000. Through an unexpected inheritance, Mr. Haley was able to pay $1.8-million in cash for 225 acres of orchards and emerge as a white knight in this small community about 40 minutes northwest of Halifax.
Source: View Full Story by Jane Taber, The Globe and Mail

June 8, 2013 New owner confident markets are strong for J. W. Mason apples

Haley_article_2_largeTHREE MILE PLAINS — Roy Haley put his money where his mouth is.
The retired West Hants municipal clerk was acutely aware of the importance of the bankrupt J. W. Mason and Sons Ltd. as a local employer and economic generator.

So he bought the company that employed 100 people during peak periods, including 30 full-time employees, after it went into receivership last fall.
Source: View Full Story by Glen Parker, The Chronicle Herald

April 23, 2013 – Mason Apples Enters Era of Regrowth

Mason_article_3_largeA local man is working on putting Mason Apples back in business. Roy Haley’s offer to buy J.W. Mason and Sons Ltd.’s orchards and warehouses in Three Mile Plains from receiver PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc. for $1,825,000 was reviewed in Nova Scotia Supreme Court April 11.
Source: View Full Story by Ashley Thompson, The Hants Journal